Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Staging Kit and Road Trip!

My staging kit FINALLY came in the mail yesterday! I immediately started reading the contents included inside, and filling out the paperwork that I'll be turning in on February 20. Though I was expecting the journey to start in Philadelphia (where I planned on getting a Philly cheesesteak sandwich and 2 drinks courtesy of Philip, thanks to a bet we had on the Chargers vs. Colts playoff game), it turns out we are going to Washington DC (and NO that does not mean he is off the hook lol). However it just so happens that Jenny Hauser, who I know from way back in the days of Vista High School, lives and works in DC, so I'm going to hang out with her while I'm there. Another thing that has changed is the day I will be leaving. On February 20th we have to register at 1pm, which is 10am on the West coast. That means that even if I were to get on the earliest possible flight out of San Diego, which are usually about 5:30am, I wouldn't make it in time, because flying from the West to the East coast takes 5 hours. Luckily Peace Corps takes this into consideration, and they are flying me out on February 19th and paying for my extra night in the hotel! There are also other people in the group that will be arriving there the same night I will be, most notably Kerry and Rachel (who I will be meeting up with, along with Derek, in Seattle on February 9th), so we get to hang out! I will be leaving at 10:50am (Pacific Standard Time), land in Chicago at 4:45pm (Chicago time), leave Chicago at 6, and arrive in DC at 8:45 (Eastern Standard Time). If you couldn't already tell, I'm really excited about it!

Tomorrow I leave for another trip. I'll be leaving at about 8am, and will be driving up to Fresno to visit several of my college friends. I'll be staying at Will's house. On Saturday afternoon I'll leave and go up to Davis to visit Steve, my friend from, well, 3rd grade, and will stay until Monday morning. After that I'll probably go back to Fresno and hang out with Will again. I'll most likely come back Tuesday morning. I'll be bringing my new digital camera with me, and I'll take pictures to post up on here and my facebook and myspace pages. Good times will be had by all!

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