Friday, November 30, 2007

Visions of Zambia

So as I have mentioned to many of the people that I see during my daily routine, Zambia has started to consume most of my thoughts. I'm finding it harder and harder to concentrate at work, as is evident of a drawing I recently did during a morning before-school shift. Like most of my drawings and paintings, it started as just a picture in my mind; I really don't know what the Zambian landscape will look like, it could be completely flat, and therefore those rocky hills would be wrong. And I'm not sure how common wildebeests will be in Zambia (I heard that a lot of the wildlife has been pushed to the game reserves). But I'm excited to find out! Besides, it's underlying meaning is all that matters to me, so it doesn't really matter anyways, right?

p.s. I also did one of orcas, which has also been a reocurring theme with my YMCA morning crayon drawing series. If you have seen my earlier crayon drawings, you can tell that I've gotten used to crayons as an artistic medium. You know what? I'm gonna show this one off too.

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